pumkin princess…

We had a good thanksgiving with my parents and Uncle and his two kids. My Cousin Shawn has a girlfriend that is deaf, and i got to practice or remember all my sign from college that I took, with her. It was fun, i was surprised how fast it returned. Arwyn started eating pumkin and she even tasted avocado when I had lunch with Glenda , who leads the women’s ministries at our church. She is currently sleeping through the night. Its been going on 2 nights that she has gone the first 7 hours without waking and crying.

Last night Josiah and I went to the Kings game ( we got free tickets from a friends boss). Alicia and Joe in our bible study watched her, and we went to Bucadibeppo. We had lots f yummy garlic, in fact we are still tasting it. Our seats at the game where about 6 rows form the court. That was really cool. And the game was actually pretty exiting too, they were neck and neck the whole way and then in the last 2 sec the Kings made the winning basket 104 -102. When we returned to our little punkin eater we heard that she held her bottle all by herself ( first-time). She even got big kisses on the face by their dog “Boss”, who is a black lab mix. That was her first doggy encounter. It was fun for Joe and Alicia to watch her cause they are expecting their first in march. And Josiah and I enjoyed our night out alone.

A has mastered her rolling over on her tummy, her tantrums, and her new noise that is more like a screech.

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