buried in cookies…

Hello Everyone!

So the other day I was washing dishes and I suddenly entered a new stage of parenthood. A was in the walker that Daddy had just put together for her, since she seems to be more interested in learning how to walk than sit. I looked over to see that she had walked her way across the kitchen to the dining table and was reaching for the tablecloth. Now this girl’s got a grip so I wasn’t sure if she could manage to pull the table full of cookies that I had just baked for the holidays down on top of her head. So I raced over to push them to the other side of the table and test the tablecloth myself.

And it hit me. Here comes the beginning of child proofing the house! Now I have got to vacuum the hard wood floors more often, pick up all the “small chokable” items, plug all the outlets, raise all the breakables, throw away the old ant traps, and make sure the table top is free from items that could be yanked off in an instant. I am sure people go shouting these wise things from the rooftops of child filled homes on a regular basis, but you know there is just nothing like the experience itself.

Arwyn and I just got over a cold, that wasn’t too bad. Today she took two 2-hour naps, which I am hoping is a new trend. The first one was nice to have some “me” time and the second one I slept with her. That was nice also. She is getting great at our little bedtime routine: eat, bath, put pj’s on while she wriggles all over to grab the stuffed animals at her head, snack, prayer, lights out. She goes down without a fuss. We also wind up this little musical lamb that plays “ Jesus loves me” that a friend, Kenny Martin, gave her. His late wife, Lisa Martin is who one of Arwyn’s middle names is named after. He said she used to give the little lambs as presents to babies. So he searched high and low to find one. Arwyn falls asleep to it every night.

She is awesome at rolling over and back again, which is the part that she really struggled with for awhile. She can sit for about 10 seconds at a time. She can even “walk” herself around in her walker. She is a pro at grabbing things now and every time we hold her and we have something in our hands she immediately goes for it.

Last night we decided that she probably can’t chaperone our dates much longer. We were out at a nice restaurant with some friends Josiah and I play soccer with and she was lunging for the silverware, tablecloth, napkin, plates, and calamari. It’s a good thing she is great with sitters. Speaking of sitters… our friends Joe and Alicia Evans watched her again (last time was the King’s game). But this time they really proved they were wild and up for a random time. We went to see “ Narnia” at the first show on Friday (12:01 am). We didn’t pick her up till 2:45 am. It was fun, but yes… we had to drink a lot of caffeine to keep our “old” selves up that late.

Well, we are getting ready for our trip to AZ to spend Christmas and a fam reunion with J’s family. Arwyn’s first trip to AZ!


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