Well, life has slowed down to a snail’s pace here at the Watter’s house. We are all sick. A got it from Tuesday morning mom’s bible study nursery. Mom got it from A, and Dad got it from mom (or the other half of church staff that have it).

After borrowing 10 movies from My (Heidi) parent’s extensive movie library (courtesy of walmart’s wednesday movie release), i have spent the last 3 days in bed, with the occasional baby Eistien video for Arwyn’s pleasure. Too bad we don’t have cable, i would be watching the cooking network, srapbooking ally, and HGTV. Last night we watched “into the blue” and i found myself dreaming of moving to Kaui again. After our trip in Sept 2003 for our first anniversary we had a great plan to move there and i would be a snorkeling and scuba instructor and Josiah would start a caving, canyoning co. for tourist.

While spending countless hours in bed I taught Arwyn how to pull herself up from a sitting position. She sat on the boppy and grabbed my hands and stood right up. She did it over and over…

I was able to take a little fieldtrip out of the house to have lunch with my Love and some friends at Tower Cafe downtown (our favorite breakfast place). That exhausted me so much I fell asleep in the car.

Last night was humorous as Josiah was reaching the point where he wanted to be babied and I am still feeling miserable. How do the ‘sick care for the sick’ as Christ talks about to his disciples? I sure didn’t know. He was great, he called me before returning home to see what he could pick up for dinner. I was fresh out of ideas. I got Pepsi and Pizza! It was great, I got to eat it right out of the box, no cooking, no dishes, and a 2 liter caffeine fix.

Sunday Josiah played football at the church with the 20’s group vs. the college group. He belongs to neither group but will take any opportunity to play contact sports. Anyways he worked himself over on the muddy feild so bad that every time he moves, his muscles flinch, or he even ponders budging I hear groans and whines of his aching stiff body. I asked him to pass me the 2 liter and in doing so he moaned in pain. I laughed pretty hard.
Poor guy… Maybe he will get a massage tonight, if i dont pass out from the nyquil first.

Josiah has continued to play soccer on Sunday afternoons with some families in Gold River. We played together for awhile till about midway into my pregnancy. But boy have I been longing to play again. hey anybody out there want to watch an adorable 7 month old baby while we play? Josiah offered to watch her while i play, but half the fun is playing with him. Or rather on the opposite team and kicking his butt.:)

He also wants to join an ultimate Frisbee league, for more exercise. He hasn’t played since college.

We are enjoying our once a week dates, and morning coffee dates at SB. And we are looking forward to a couple days in Tahoe this weekend with our friend Joel and his new fiance Trish. It will be arwyn’s second time there.


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