a day with Arwyn

While I was checking my email today ( our computer is in our room ) Arwyn was sitting on our bed barackaded by pillows. She was playing with a mini book. I was watching her and realized she has my ” focused” look, she furrows her brow and purses her lips. Josiah raises his eyebrows when he is focused. She was trying very hard to open the book.

At last she got it open and held it up and exclaimed ” ha!” with a truimphant smile on her face. It was the cutest thing. We just peaked on her before going to bed and we whispered of how long she is getting. She looks so big!

Today during dinner I decided to start teaching her ” thank you” in sign language, but i only had to help her hand a few times then cue her twice and then i just asked her to say thank you… and she did it. All the rest of her signs took months each. she is really catching on.

We delight in her more each day and can’t imagine what it must be like to have more than one. Soon and very soon!


One thought on “a day with Arwyn

  1. >Thanks for sharing! It is fun to hear about those special moments of that darling little girl! It really does seem hard to imagine having the room in your heart for more than one, but it is just wonderful! Nothing will be taken away from precious Arwyn…just added to!

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