>Our first night in Roatan

> well i will attempt to share our adventures as best i can! some of you may know bits and pieces.

we had a smooth trip to Roatan where we stayed overnight in a nice one bed, bath AC room. The first day we went and grabbed lunch at a restaurant called Pura Vida, i had lobster and Josiah had a whole red snapper (most of you would have been mortified to see a whole, eyes and all, fish just boiled and sitting on your plate) We found an internet phone call place to let my parents know where we were staying and the #, in case of emergency. We headed back to our room where we took a much needed nap and then a local woman came to our room to give us each a 1/2 hour massage. Josiah had set it up, and made sure she did prenatal massage. (see massage adventure if you want a little side story)

This picture was taken on a walk down the beach that we took in the evening and almost got stuck on the other side of the island at night. Posted by Picasa


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