>Our only neighbors…

>while snorkeling we saw a 4ft reef shark, young sea turtle, sting ray,lobster, a small camoflauged ray, a star fish the size of my belly, tons of different tropical fish. There were large bright blue fish that only traveled in schools when feeding that we come across and Josiah had to go down and swim w/ them. His fav fish was a little blue fish that looked almost neon, you could see it a mile away (exageration …far), and my fish was purple on the front half and orange on the back half. We loved snorkeling together we would hold hands and swim along and when either of us saw something we would point and when the other spotted it we would give a thumbs up. we could have stayed in the water for hours. We were also visited by a pelican almost every day and enjoyed watching him dive for food.

This is just a reg starfish not nearly the full size of my belly, and on the dock is our pelican.

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