>Want to go? here are some recommendations…

> The pic? dont ask.. it involves us soaking wet at 5 in the morning and some stale muffins… and quite a salesman.

– bring some kind of bug repellent that you can handle having on 24/7
– bring cards or games, leisure books
– bring some basic spices from home (i.e. salt and pepper, sugar, garlic salt; the kitcken only has plates and silverware and tools used in the kitchen) so that you dont have to buy new ones in Utila
– bring an underwater camera
– bring a medium size bottle of Aloe vera, despite what you think your tolerance to sun is
– bring mosqito and biting fly repellent candles or incense
– some sort of clock if you think it would drive you nuts not to know the time
– very little clothing, you wont really need it
– a radio if you have to have music
– rent or bring stuff to go snorkeling
– come with an open mind and good sense of humor abou the adventures that will come your way
– bring earplugs for the coming and going nights in Roatan
– be frightened about the lightening storms, they are always miles away, and very beautiful
– open your mouth in the shower, only drink your bottle water
– talk about work, finances, anything that could dampen the greatness of where you are

Hope you enjoyed hearing about this,
we will remeber this vacation for years!!! Posted by Picasa


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