Visiting Willets

Josiah’s childhood friend Lance and his wife Erin, recently sold their home in Az and bought a mobile home. They travel and he has a website business. Need him? contact him @ .

They stopped by Sac-Town and paid us a visit. We had dinner, Josiah and Lance played Frisbee Golf while Erin and I watched Arwyn and a freind, after a lovely picnic of course, laid around our home, Josiah and Lance jumped in the American River and swam with beavers, Erin took pictures ( view them at ) and I kept Arwyn out of the dirt and on the safe edge of the banks, then to finish up with a delicious bang we went to Zelda’s Pizza downtown, Yum!

p.s. Erin is a great photographer you really should look at our visit with them at the link above!


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