Daddy’s little tom girl

This look reperesents our day: It was rough. I think it’s sinking in that things are different around here. She was very serious all day. She wouldnt do all the ” tricks” that she knows when we would ask her. She seemed to be upset with with me, and very sensitive. If she fell, or got told “no” or i left the room she would break down. She just stared at me all day and didnt really interact. She seemed so sad. It just breaks my heart, i feel like she is trying to figure out if she got replaced and why. When we played alone together she just sat there and didnt have her usually energetic fun. She barely took one nap, and at bed even though she was exausted she just layed there in the dark for an hour and half. I feel horrible but know that there is not much I can do other than keep having just “mommy- arwyn” time. And hope she comes out of it. This is the only thing I have been emotional about since the birth.

About the picture, Josiah thought it would be cute to try her brother’s hat on her, since he wont fit in it for awhile. Ironically, she loved it, never took it off, and if it fell off she would hand it to him to put back on her. I say Ironically cause she always throws hats off her head immediatly. If it wasn’t for the pink doll sitting beside her you wouldnt know she is a girl here. Josiah reveled in it.
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