a bad day? a blessed day?

It all started when i had to run an errand last night and couldn’t find my ATM card. We just got back from a trip to Mexico, so my mind was reeling with where i could have left it. This always makes me scared and stressed when i can’t find it.

I wasn’t in a good mood from how the morning had gone. I wont go into details. Then after Malachi’s 4 mo. checkup i had to go grocery shopping and was nervous about how that would pan out with my two chilluns. So I headed back towards my house in a hurried state. So I could get it all done before the kids naps and before they unraveled. I made a yielded right turn on red light and thought i had plenty of time to go, cause the cross traffic just received a green. Before I even thought twice about it I turned, RIGHT IN FRONT OF A COP. He pulled me over for not stopping on a red. I was so nervous cause we registered our car back in Aug but DMV has still not sent us our sticker and receipt, even after we have called and checked on it. I opened the glove box to find the proof of insurance and could only find a ton of expired cards. BLESSING# 1 He dismissed the need to see the registration after I explained. Blessing #2 He said he believed that I had current insurance even though I couldn’t find the card.

While he was taking forever to run all the info in his car, I broke down crying, so did my son and my daughter, amazing that they cared so much about my misfortune as well! I sat and pondered how much this ticket would be and what an inconvenience it would be to go to traffic school etc. My mood was set for the day.

I considered just going home, cause the tears remained at bay, loyal to show up whenever I needed them , and didn’t need them. But I had to go to the store cause we were completely out of food, and having company over for dinner. God reminded me of something i read recently about putting “bad” days in perspective. And I new that even though I had many unfortunate events, I couldn’t claim a “bad” day when He had so many blessing present in my life. I shouldn’t be letting these things govern my mood and attitude. So on I battled with my lack of energy and a dam full of water behind my eyes. With a screaming son in the back of the cart and a defiant 19 mo old disobeying and saying “NO NO NO” as she did it, sitting in the front of the cart. Blessing #3 Seeing a mom park right next to me and her and her son coming over to greet us, just cause he wanted to. Blessing #4 the man at the checkout behind me pitching in $2 cause I had only brought cash in and came $2 over, before i had the chance to take something out of my bags. Blessing #5 the same mom loading her son and her groceries at the same time as me took my empty cart to the cart spot while i buckled arwyn in.

When i stop to think about it there were many other blessings present, but these 5 were uncommon and made me see that God was trying to cheer me up. The truth is these dang emotions are still at bay even though I have realized all this.


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