Whats going on here?

Well, i’m sure you can tell what i have been up to since Josiah has been in India. Yup! Documenting my children’s every move with the camera. NO, I did happen to catch these moments below, but we have been on the go BIG TIME! Josiah is so wonderful, he put togther a schedule for me to get breaks from the kids while he is away for two weeks. I got a break every day but 3 or 4! So between going to the gym and dropping the kids off at different friends houses, We have been all over. Yesterday we just laid low at home. That was nice!

Josiah gets home Friday, we meet him in the SF airport! Thursday is his birthday he will be 29. A missed him alot this time around. Usually when he is gone she notices, but she never says anything. But she has been talking about him alot! whenever she has a memory of him and her together, like making a neckalce that she was playing with yesterday, she starts talking about him and gets very sad. Its heartbreaking. She got to talk to him on the phone yesterday morning, she told him that she missed him and loved him. We are definately looking forward to his return!


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