the fall is coming

I was running some errads the other day and enjoying the new season. I had the windows rolled down and could feel the crisp clean air. The leaves are turniing all kinds of colors, brown, red, burnt orange, yellow. And falling to the ground. That is my favorite part.

Its the time of the year that I like to break out my favorite coffee mugs, usually the Starbucks ones, and curl up in my comfy fleece pants and long sleeve t-shirts. Read a book on the couch, or watch a movie. This season I love to make homemade bread and crock pot soup. It’s a bit disappointing that Josiah isnt much of a soup fan cause I would have that all season. What an easy dinner! Shall I go on a crock pot rave?…. maybe not. You probably dont care:) I will lose my guy readers forever.

I even love the setting in our home right now. Outside its beautiful weather, our windows are open as the sun begins to set. Josiah is watching USC play Washington, the kids are scattering toys all over the downstairs, and i sit on the couch with J’s laptop and type away. It’s something about the sound of football on the tv that makes me nostalgic, and excited for the Holidays to come. Is everyone like that? cause I never grew up with football on the holidays, if anything it was boxing.

Anyway, as our year approaches its last leg, I hope that you live life to its fullest, with purpose, and excitement, enjoying this season that God has ushered us into and appreciating the family and friends around you. Happy Fall!


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