potty training

Tonight we began the arduos task of potty training. What an adventure! I dont know how i am going to survive it. I have never felt so ill equipped and unmotivated in teaching things to my kids before. Maybe I should start by goin to bed sooner, But Josiah has been gone and my detox and break is to sit on the computer for hours and hours.

It started out exciting, what a treat to wear ” big girl underwear!”, going on the toilet every ten minutes, and celebrate dry undies with a high five and a couple of cookies, what else in the life of a 2 year old could top this? Umm…. peeing in the corner, under the stairs, in your rainboots… apparently. One poopie in the toilet, and three puddles on the floor later, I am clinging on to the hope that we are making some sort of progress here. At least she is telling me she’s peeing when she is doing it. The above pic is the beginning of our first day, and the bottom is th end. If I would have took a pic of me at those times, it would have been similiar, minus the sippee cup and the comfort of elmo and cookie monster.

What exactly does ” pee like a race horse mean?”, is it I have to pee so bad, i need to run as fast as a race horse to the bathroom? or better, I have to pee so bad I will pee with the force of a racing horse?

my personal interpretation? for this stage in our lives: I would like you to learn to pee in a toilet, as fast as a race horse runs. First place only!

2 thoughts on “potty training

  1. >Hey Heidi, take heart- I don’t think I know anyone who likes potty training! It’s probably my least favorite thing in the first two years. But someone mentioned to me “don’t worry, they’ll be trained by juinor high” – made me laugh and reminded me that this will pass. If it helps, I’ve really liked the book “potty training in less than a day” – I don’t actually do it in a day (more like over a week or two), but the basic method has worked for all three of the girls we’ve potty trained thus far. Oh, and that’s awesome that she’s already going poopy in the toilet! Hope you, Arwyn and Chi have a great day!Melissa

  2. >Hey Heidi, I am so impressed and jealous at the same time. I have tried numerous times with Cana, she just isn’t there yet. And with all the trying, my heart really isn’t in it any more. It’s like the story of the Boy who cried wolf. She says she has to go and loves to sit on her potty, but does anything actually happen??? NO So frustrating and depressing. I totally hear ya about being unmotivated and ill equipped! One day though, they can’t be in diapers forever, right!??Krista

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