>Happy 5th Anniversary!


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On our actual anniversary, we decided to do a budget friendly outing. Josiah planned it. We took our kids to some places that we enjoyed when dating, places that were significant to us:

1 Glenbrook park: here we held hands for the first time, sang to each other, and later on Josiah took me here to tell me he loved me for the first time.

2 Wendy’s: we always liked to go get fries and chocolate frosty’s. and we discovered that we had something in common, we both liked dipping our fries in the frosty YUMM! most people think its weird, but try it! it will take you by surprise.

3 McKinely Park Rose Garden: we got married here, and every anniversary we go back and visit it. My parents also got married here, and I remember walking down the isle as the flower girl, with my crimped hair.

In this pic, 5 and something years ago, we both sat up on this boat when we sang to eachother for the first time.

When Josiah took me here to tell me he loved me, He walked me around the park and we talked a little, but mostly it was silent. About the fifth lap I asked ” did you have something you wanted to do here, besides make laps around the park?”…. poor guy, he was so nervous:)


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