Why can’t people just________?

I found myself asking this question, my fill in the blank was communicate. Then I stopped and thought, (i love those moments!), People say this line all the time with something of their own in the blank. I think that the fill in the blanks are what your strength is, and when you find other people not excelling at that thing, you blurt this out. I mean, its easy to me, it make sense to me, i am actually pretty darn good at it too. Why can’t you be?

Why can’t people just get along? Why can’t people just move faster? Why can’t people just pick up after themsleves? why can’t people just not be so sensitive? why can’t people just RSVP? why can’t people just shut their mouths sometimes? why can’t people just mind their own business? why can’t people just organize their stuff? why can’t people just listen better? why can’t people just be honest? why can’t people just be on time? why can’t people just throw their trash away? why can’t people just change?

oh wait, another cause for this question could be that my will is crossing your will and “they aint gettin along”. I want to hurry up and get home, ” why can’t people just put their foot on the gas?”


5 thoughts on “Why can’t people just________?

  1. >no:)that was just an example of one fill in the blank. You kow at the moment I wa swriting it I wasnt feeling very communicative, or at least not effectivly. Ironic huh?

  2. >Heidi you bring up a good point. However I tend to think the opposite is true. The thing I get most annoyed with others is the same thing that I struggle with. I hate when people are selfish yet I struggle greatly with selfishness. Maybe it’s just me.

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