an update?

Im not really in the mood. The stomach flu is taking it’s toll on our family. But the nagging thought that i havent updated this blog in quite sometime keeps poppin up. But i have to say, i keep hearing from different people that they check our blog, and NO ONE COMMENTS, i would say this is my biggest “blog” pet peeve. I like to know you came by, what you think, etc. otherwise i am posting for myself, not alot of motivation there… PROPS to Kelli Mathison, one of my closest friends and most frequent blog commenters!

quick updates:
A- is talking a language we can’t keep up with, her most frequent phrase (other than “who dat?”) is ” oh my GOodness!”
– she is also potty trained, although yucky bathroom details from the stomach flu are interfering a bit, but i can officially say that she is a “toilet-minded”

M- is walking, sprinting, climbing…
when Josiah got him up from his nap this morning he said “mama please”. warms my heart…
– eats everything in site, even with a stomach flu (course it doesn’t stay down long…poor guy)
-testing his boundaries BIG TIME ( actually doing a lot of things A did at his age, noises and stuff.)

Josiah is eating raw vegetables daily, we both have a goal to get back to our engagement weight by spring… maybe i shouldn’t have shared that…hmmmm… He worked himself over playing football with about 30 guys at our church yesterday. And being the wonderful husband that he is.

I am throwing a baby shower for best friend Tiffany Shelley (Gordon) this weekend, have my second to last training for my trip to Colombia in January, and having my Dad from Oregon visiting this weekend also.

Can’t think of much else to say at this time.


5 thoughts on “an update?

  1. >I agree with you. I know people read my blog because they know things about me that I haven’t told them in person. And yet I never know it because they don’t comment. I promise to comment more on friends’ blogs. You have encouraged me to do so.

  2. >Hi Heidi! I read all the time. =) I love hearing about your thoughts/days. I got your letter…and I’m going to send it back (it’s been crazy around here). I’m going to be in Sacramento for nearly 5 days at Christmas time. Maybe we can meet for a coffee date? I hope your family feels better soon. Love, Sara Rossini

  3. >Come on admit it, you copied my last entry title didn’t you? 🙂 Yes, I check in from time to time and like you, I have been a little behind. Saw Josiah on Sunday and that is the first I have talked to either one of you in a long time. My excuses for not updating my blog are right there on my blog – busy, a bit depressed, and trying to finish my spain/portugal journal. Anyways, I am putting a comment on here because you are practically begging for them now. I will leave my name as well but just by looking at the time I posted and what I wrote, you could probably figure it out anyways. 🙂 Hope all of you feel better soon!Jeremy

  4. >I see I am not the only one who stays up late. As far as your question about depression, lately I have done nothing. It’s been easier to keep my mind occupied or numb it with something. Things are much better now. Of course there is much more to this than I am going to share in a comment on here but I do appreciate the concern. Other than that, I haven’t written much lately but hope to have my journal up this weekend. If you plan on checking that out, you will definitely take some time to get through it.Jeremy

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