This was our first night celebrating Advent together this year. 4 Sunday’s before christmas we light a candle, adding one each sunday. Each Candle represents different aspects of Christ, so we recite a verse as we light the candle that represents that aspect. Something like this: ” This candle represents Jesus was GOd, John 1:1 – In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” Then we sing a few christmas songs and pray.

This tradition was from Josiah’s family. He grew up doing it, and although I will admit I don’t even think i knew what advent was the first time I joined them, I love the tradition! It really helps us get away from the mindset of its all about the gifts. To us the gifts are just an afterthought, we dont spend hundreds of dollars and stress out trying to get all our gifts on sale and in time. The one thing I have been really thanksful for this year is that we as a family have moved away from the big expectations of gifts and been able to really celebrate this season for what it is. Lighting the advent candels each night the month before really gets you focusing on the “reason for the season” and not what it has become.

A’s favorite part is blowing the candle out at the end!

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3 thoughts on “Advent

  1. >Our girls love blowing out the candles, too – they always remember when it’s their turn! Beautiful picture of Arwyn, by the way. Hope you all have a lovely rest of advent . . . we’re always sad to see the season go!

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