I have had sooo many Arwynism momemts in the last month but in the flurry forgot most of them. Here is one that cracks me up every time i tell it to people. Yes… she is definately my daughter!

So we have taught her the different parts of her body along with the sacred ones. We have taught her how the sacred ones are to be treated and that they are for her only… and as she has asked we have taught her about her brother’s as well… and how his are only for him. So the setting is in the bath tub.

A: grabs the plastic bath toy, a ” crab” and reaches over to nudge M’s personal property with it.
M: A that is M’s, you don’t need to be touching it.
A: A no touch it, crab touch it.

Well i couldn’t argue with that, without laughing. Who ever taught her how to manipulate so greatly?

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