We have been hearing from various sunday school teachers and babysitter how hilarious our little man is, that is quite the entertainer or class clown. Here is fast one he pulled on me.

We were on our 17 hour drive from Arizona to Sac, and i was feeding M graham crackers cuz the boy never gets full.

M: uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh….
Mom: I look back to find him pointing towards his window with no cracker in hand, “sorry buddy, if you dropped your cracker you dont get anymore” (he likes to make a game out of this one…)
M: pulls out his other hand from behind his back with the cracker in hand, and smiles mischieviously, ” ha ha ha”

Where does he learn this stuff… he is only 15 months old, I am beginingg to think we have a houdini on our hands.

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