A strange phenomenon is happening in our house for a SECOND time. The FIRST actually never saw its rightful end. A is still procliaming to the world what is hers and only hers. But gee wiz! Do we have to initiate our youngest into the selfish club at such a young age?

in the car today: i gave my kiddos a little basket of toys each that a freind had given me for them. As A sat examing and wanting to open every package that was in her lap, she finally realized that i was not going to cave to her request to marker/stamp up the car. So she turned to M’s toys and asked for one of many books in his lap. Since I am trying desperatly to teach her the value and joy of sharing, I wanted to teach him the same, so I asked him if he would share a book with with A.

“MIne” he yells across the backseat. I am so used to hearing this word it took me a second to realize that it had been delivered from a different set of pipes than normal.

Then I proceded to give an object lesson to my daughter.
” See, when you don’t share your toys, you are teaching him to not share his toys. if you would share your toys, he would learn to share with you.”

The lightbulb goes on… and she hands over her packaged up new stamp markers.

I was quite impressed. But I am still in shock about the inevitable tone of conversations to follow. I anticipate becoming a little crazier than normal….


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