Restoring Colombia: Second group




This group met at a different church grounds, up the hill more, near Santa Domingo (a very poor area). The girls were a bit older,12-17, and quite a few were pregnant,or had new babies.

Prego at 15: this girl is 7 months along, but her baby is cleary malnourished. She doesn’t care or want the baby. Her mother doesn’t know Christ, but he is definatly pursuing her. She used to live on the streets, be an assasin, and currently has 8 kids.
14 with a 2 month old: She had the saddest eyes, the whole time we spent with her we didnt see her smile much. Her childhood is gone.
The group of moms.
Baby fix: here I got to hold a young mom’s baby while she was participating in the craft. How I missed my own babie’s at home!

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