The three of us piled in the car and drove to Orangevale, to see our friend Lydia and her horses. Doesn’t A look like she belongs? after riding around the exercise pin for 3 or 4 times, Lydia offered to go faster, to which A excitedly answered “yes!”, she was giggling with glee when the horse sped to a trot. she was so happy to be on the ranch she willingly posed for me when i asked.

C had no fear, not only was he “at home” on the horse, Breezy, he was patting it and grabbing the reigns. He looked so cute with his wild blond locks sitting on the horse.

Later the kids got to feed Breezy, Stormy, and Cody

apples out of their hands. Lydia was joking about how moody Stormy is and that he might just reach down to eat C’s hair if he got too close, which he did, and his hair got nibbled on! He had a clump of wet hair sticking straight up after that .
The things they get to do together!

A got to ride all by herself!

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