Arwyn-isms, Malachi-isms

I was changing her diaper when she gave a friendly reminder

A: Dont eat my poo poo
M: dont worry i wont
A: we only eat food kay mommy
M: ok thank you, i needed that

was she having flashbacks?

A:I have a BIG bomma (bottom)
M: who told you that?
(clearly not understanding my question…)
A: I will be this tall (stretching up her arms)
M: because you have a big bottom?
A: uh-huh
A: here is one little bump, and the other little bump (pointing to each cheek)
to which i couldnt invetsigate more, I just laughed “my bomma off”

at eating time M progresses from ways to request his food pretty quickly

“want it want it!”
“need it need it!”
“have some!”

When I ask him a question his answer is always the same:


Its like the help lines that say “hold for one minute while I connect you to somoene that can help you”, then you wait for 5 minutes and get disconnected.


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