I have a boy!

Lately I have been forced to see that I ” I really do have a boy!”. M is discovering the joys of having longer arms and legs. HE IS CLIMBING EVERYTHING! Last week I looked back behind the couch to see what he was up to (cause A was cheering and clapping) and he had climbed up the barstool and was standing on it counting my money on the counter.

Lucky for me I have a newfound tattletale (which i still haven’t decided how to handle that issue) and she came in while I was on the computer to tell me that chi chi was sitting on the table. i went to find this:

Now I know what your thinking, I just reinforced a BIG “no” by taking pictures of it. I know, in that moment I just had greater puropses in mind. And as a result i have already had to remove him from on top the table again today, and probably not the last time.

I think I am still in denial that my future consists of him climbing, falling, runnning, falling, diving, falling, jumping, falling, and falling , falling, falling, falling some more!


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