in her words

my friend Kelli describes this so well , go read her blog,



One thought on “in her words

  1. Dear Heidi, Kelly’s essay reminds me of that book I gave you (I saw it on your living room shelf when I was there in March) called Diving off the Pedestal. Lila Quezada does a really good job of being honest about who she is as a worker and a person who is so often seen as having-it-all-together because of her role as a Christian leader. I can’t remember if you had time to read it, but maybe you will find a couple minutes here or there to skim it some. It is so true that we are easily consumed by keeping up a good front while struggling on the inside. My consolation is that God does see it all, and still loves us. His Spirit is the One who convicts us of hypocrisy and calls us back to that “pure and simple devotion to Christ” (II Cor. 11:3 nlt). I love you, dear mother-of-my-grandbabies, and beloved-wife-of-my-oldest-son! Mama

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