Another Trial

It seems like we are facing trial after trial in our life right now. Although we believe that God has us here for a reason, we can’t help but reach moments of impatience and discouragement. James 1:2-4 has been a good reminder, and right now that is all i am clinging onto.

We might be six weeks pregant. Might, because we thought we were 8 weeks pregnant until yesterday when we just about had a “deja vou”. We went in for our ultrasound and I thought that the sac looked awfully small for 8 weeks. The nurse confirmed that it measured 6 weeks 1 day. So either we are about to lose another child, or its two weeks younger than they calculated. And they can’t detect a heartbeat till 6 weeks 4 days. I go in for blood work on friday and we have another UT on wednesday. Until then we wait. Yesterday I really couldnt beleive it, after all that’s going on in our life I didn’t think this would go wrong. I felt my anger at bay, just waiting for the bad news to unleash it. But, today I feel like giving it a chance, and in the meantime I want to fill all my time up so the week flies by. So I decided to put the Baby Icon to the left on the blog, taking another step forward in hoping for our little one to be alive, instead of trying to prepare myself for the worst. And regardless of the outcome to let my friends and family in on our journey, at least more than last time.


2 thoughts on “Another Trial

  1. >Heidi, I’m so sorry things have been so hard. Life can be so insane sometimes. Thank you for your honesty. There are so many people who love you and your precious family. I am hoping for you. And hope is not an uncertain thing.

  2. >Congratulations are still in order. I’m happy that you’re pregnant again. I remember you writing in an email that you don’t think you could ever do this again. Isn’t God awesome how He has a way of erasing pain…of all kind? If it wasn’t so, Eve would have had only one child. Just one. I’ll pray for you, my friend and for baby lima-bean (since that’s about his/her size right now). Hold fast, God is with you.

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