Arwyn turned three!

There is so much too catch up on! My friend Alanda and I had a joint birthday party for A and her friend Brady who was born just two weeks before her. It was CRAZY! Wtaer stuff EVERYWHERE! slides, pools, squirters etc…It was really just so much fun having so many people show up and show there love and support for our kids. We can’t beleive what a great group of people that truly love and cherish our little ones. That was the best part of it all. Haniging out with the ones we love and and they love our kids. And A was totally blessed with overwhelming amount of gifts and such fun and nice ones. I think was a bit overwhelming for her to open gift after gift. And i wasnt too excited about the her possibly getting an attitude of entitlement or wrapped up in that being the most important part of her birthday. But I think since we didnt really even talk about them much, and the exciting part for us that we kept telling her about before th eparty was all the people that are coming to enjoy her and her them. The social person that she is, i think that would have been her highlight anyways. Thank you to all who came and celebrated her!

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