Doctor Doctor

I know I haven’t been the best at blogging lately, to be completely honest i Just haven’t been into it, Every time I sit down i feel like i don’t have much to share. But tonight I do.

Being a mom is tough. Yesterday A had her three month check up at the doctor. Everything was normal and good, she had to get a second dose of her Hep shot. She didn’t cry until after cause that mound of meds hurts on your arm after its pumped into you. I comforted her and we headed down the hall to the lab so she could get some blood drawn for her. THAT is what i wasn’t looking forward to.

She was telling Chi all naively that she had to give them her blood, and she didn’t know what she was in for. Poor girl. Two nurses were in there tapping her arm and having her squeeze things as she sat on my lap and began to get nervous. They couldn’t find a vein close enough. The one that was originally going to do it was old and I hadn’t seen her in there EVER before, she actually was asking questions like she was a rookie. I was thinking ” NO rookie is going to stick my baby girl!” when finally a more experienced nurse that has been drawing all my blood lately said she would do it, I was relieved.

I had to hold her other arm and hug her tightly, while they stuck her left arm. But They didn’t get a vein, so they proceeded mill around, needle inside looking for it for about 15- 20 seconds, which is a lifetime, to her, and even more so to me. She was RED and crying big fat tears rolling down her cheeks.

Then another nurse came in and looked around more on her other arm. I held her again and she knew now what she was in for, i turned her head away and held her tightly talking calmly in her ear, ” your so brave, its almost over, good job, almost done” all the while feeling like I am lying thru my teeth about “almost over”, because although they got the vein the blood was TRICKLING into the tube, they had it in for 2 WHOLE MINUTES! She was screaming so hard she was gasping for air, and Me? I was trying my hardest to not cry myself. It took everything in me to compose my voice, although I am sure she could hear right thru my composure. It is SO hard to watch your baby get hurt, and even more so to be the one helping!

The nurses were GREAT! One was watching M during all this, and they gave both kids a bunch of stickers and crayons and coloring books, and even a little apple juice can and a straw to drink it, and the nurse that finally got the blood out drew little kitties on A’s cotton balls and tape.

The poor girls arms are black and blue, but she is over it. But mommy’s heart is bruised, I have never been good at shots and my babies…


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