पोट्टी ट्रेनिंग राउंड तवो?

Huh? In case you were wondering that says “potty training round two?” in hindi. just getting myself familiar before I start to study it hard core:) let me know by the way if you needed no explanation…:)

So i have been wondering when i should start potty training M, he will be 2 soon and every child is different. I have heard boys are later than girls but a second child throws curve balls into that idea.

A just had to go potty and I told her to use my toilet since we were all in my room. M decided he wanted to too:

Chi: potty mommy
Me: What? you want to go potty?
Chi: mmmhmmm!
Me: (deciding that I better start encouraging it if i want it to be sooner rather than later) OK, lets go!

I was about to put him on my potty when i realized i better start from square one, not just jump in where A is. So we went to thier bathroom where the potty seat is. I toook off his diaper and set him on the potty seat and said ” ok , go.” shortly after that I realized “He is boy, you can’t just plop him on like you can a girl, you have to scoot him back and tuck it in, ooohhhh this was going to be more complicated!”.

So I scooted him back and tucked in down

A: what are you doing mom?
Me: um……. boys are different than girls.
Chi: need it mom…(pointing to the toilet paper)
Me: no, boys dont use toilet paper
A: why?
Me: cause they just wiggle it and thats it, they use topilet paper for poop though (trying to avoid any more questions about the prior statement)
Me: chi are you all done?
Chi: no, need toilet paper
Me: nope that’s not for you right now
Chi: im all done

I go to put his diaper on

Chi: no diaper!

Hah! If only it was that easy!

Suddenly a fun experiment to get him excited about potty training became so complicated… maybe we will wait a year for part two!


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