We were in the car and M dropped his toy…

the phrase i hear most in the day…
“Milk in my cup mommy”

At least once a day M comes to me whining. But he is pretending to be whining, He forces the face and everything, shortly after A  informs me “he is lost again.” (in our own home), at least once a day they pretend Chi is lost and he whines like he is scared…

This morning he was eating his morning KIX and he spilt his milk all over the tray… so he grabs a nearby napkin and pulls his shirt up and “dries” it. I came over to check on him and start whiping up the milk on the tray, ” NO, body is wet mommy”.

You may wonder why i am posting these, I just don’t think any NORMAL 2 year old comes up with this stuff…do they?


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