Thanks Irene for loaning us the big boy bed! M was very up to the challenege to stay put, cause he wanted so badly to be in the bed. He even put himself to bed a couple hours early just so he could go be in it:)I told him that if he got out he would go back in the baby crib. That was Irene’s genious idea, caues i thought i was going to have to sit by the door, ready to spank and redirect, but after this long day of surgery and getting settled and the “hospital” set up I wasn’t feeling up to any training. But he did great! I checked on him twice and he was still in bed and i gave him words of praise. One time I went in and he was sitting up but was wanting his pillow that had fallen on the ground, but not willing to risk getting down to get it. Then another time i checked on him again and he was sitting up, talking about tigers, and swiper the fox (Dora show) and sharks in an excited manner, I think he was so jazzed to be in his bed he just couldn’t calm down, but i checked on him 15 min later and he was snoozing away. Now to see if he is going to fall out alot… He is growing up so fast!

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