The pictures are coming

A few days ago I posted on my FB page that I CHOPPED M’s hair off, I took some pictures then my camera battery died, so while it’s charging I am still gonna share some funny things that we have heard lately from the kids. One of M’s alter ego’s is Feifel, from American Tale, singing the song “there are no cats in America” is a regular in this family, and many additions have come along…

Last night Josiah came into their room to hear them singing there are “no Vagina’s in America”… thats one way to extinction…

This morning we were taking M’s temperature for probably the 8th time in two days, because he has had a high temp… this morning it was finally back to normal! He celebrated by telling me “there were no mommy’s in America”, then we started our marathon of all the things America doesnt have…by the end it was a pretty funny and lonely place. A added “there were no clothes in America” and I said then we would all be naked, she corrected me “we will wear naked mama!” … I liked it, I think I may use it sometime:)

Pictures will come later once the battery is charged… He is a boy now.


One thought on “The pictures are coming

  1. >I just about fell off my chair laughing. Can't wait to hear my kiddos say random hillarious things like that. But that's pretty tough to top off.

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