Disagreement with a treadmill


Like two days before I left for Georgia we were at my parent’s house and M had a run in with a moving treadmill. It was pretty traumatic, we took him to the doctor the next day to prevent infection. They said it was equal to second degree burns and but mostly were concerned about scarring on the face. Luckily we met with a dermatologist right at the doctors office, and he said that he thought he had good chance of healing well if we didn’t let scab (contrary to the old opinion of healing, you keep it covered and wet and it won’t scar as much), which seemed to make big difference.

Today we were at a friends house and he ran over to the treadmill, ” Mommy can i get on?”, i looked at him and was surprised that he was not horribly afraid of it, then he asked “will it hurt me?”…

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2 thoughts on “Disagreement with a treadmill

  1. >Oh my gosh! This is so scary! Poor Malachi! And poor you and your mom…. it will probably take longer for both your scars to heal than his little body will! Hope he gets better soon!

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