Month Long Road Trip : Stop one


Have you ever drove through the “grapevine” on your way towards LA and seen that beautiful man made lake to the right? We have, it’s Pyramid Lake, and we always think how nice it looks and what a great treat it would be to go play there someday. Well yesterday we indulged ourselves in that treat. It was a great break from our non air conditioned car. The kids loved the rocks and sticks, and water of course! We had just enough time to eat a picnic lunch and go for a swim and hop back in the car to Loma Linda where we stayed with Josiah’s sister for the night. Now on to Pheonix Arizona…

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3 thoughts on “Month Long Road Trip : Stop one

  1. >I remember one time on a trip to mexico one of the kids asked me what the name of that lake was and I called it pyramid lake because I saw the pyramid shaped hill. A little BS on my part… funny that that's it's real name. Cute pictures of the kids and the family! Arwyn is sure looking a lot like her daddy!

  2. >Praying for safe travels and smooth journey. You're a complete trooper to be doing this at 7 months pregnant.P.S. Thanks for sending the monthly emails! I appreciate you guys taking the time to let us know how you're doing and what's up ahead.

  3. >Yeah Kelli, I thought it was called that because of the pyramid shape in the hill, but Josiah said that was a fluke and it was some unrelated reason… whatever! but it was a fun place to stop!

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