Month Long Road Trip: Pheonix

Hangin with the Harmon’s. Josiah’s good buddy from college, Anthony,wife Angie and son Brayden had us over for yummy Costco pizza (the only kind of Margerita I can have) and cupcakes, courtesy of Brayden’s Grandma.

Anthony flies planes and has flown into Sacramento quite a few times but we have never caught him, or he has never caught us. Josiah and Anthony went to Gordon College together and roomed together senior year. Josiah was telling me a story of Anthony the first day he met him: In the first couple days of orientation Josiah met Anthony and Anthony said to him, ” Can you believe that one of the ladies in this very room could be our future wives!?” and Josiah thought, ” so that’s what your about:)”. According to Josiah it was very indicitive of Anthony’s future two years at Gordon, but what he won’t tell you is that He (Josiah) was also well known with the ladies. Ironically enough neither of there wives were in the room that night, they were in completely different states, Ohio and California.

This little fella is Brayden who was very interested in the camera and seeing himself on it, via the nice close up.

At the house we are staying they have noodles for the pool, and A has discovered some independance that hopefully will motivate her into swimming all on her own, here at the Harmon’s she was enjoying floating all over with the intertube.

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