Month long road trip: stop three, Tucson

So over a week ago we got into Tucson where Nana and Papa live. They have this wonderful porch with shady vines and a nice hammock. M found it right away. A found me in the house and said “mommy come look at Chi Chi!”, I came out on the porch and couldn’t see him, till I noticed a little lump in the hammock, he was folded up nicely in it. He stayed there for 45 minutes, just soaking in the breeze, hiding out in the hammock. Now I have to fight him for it!

There are lots of fun places to hide in Nana’s house:)

We went on a drive to Mt. Lemmon and took a little hike. Nothing beats sticks and rocks and bugs…and cliffs!

That was all before Josiah and I left for Minneapolis for conference last Tuesday. we just arrived home last night, Happy to see our kiddos. While we were gone Nana started teaching M to potty train. Yeah! less work for me! I am so grateful, there are some really cute pictures of him in his big boy underwear and going potty, but they will have to be posted much later in August, cause now Nana is on her way to Peru and wasn’t able to pass the pics off… they will be coming…

P.S. A is finally sleeping at night with big girl underwear, no Diaper!

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