Month long Road trip: Tuscon part two

It is so fun to see our little girl become a big girl. She will be 4 in a few days! She has discovered what her daddy wishes everyone to know about Arizona. If you have never lived there you hear Arizona and you think desert,cactus, and triple digit weather. Which is all true. But its not always excruciatingly hot, not once in our time in Catalina, just outside of Tucson, was it very hot. Instead we enjoyed 70 to 80’s, breezes, humming birds, bunnies, hammocks in the shade beneath beautiful vines on the porch, butterflies, beautiful purple and blue shaded mountain views all around. The greatest part is that every time you walk into a building they have AC blasting, its so refreshing. The bottom photos were an effort to get a belly profile, didnt reallly turn out that way, but more will come.

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