The beginning of Birthday number 4

Last Saturday we celebrated A’s 4th birthday and aunt Jessica’s (Josiah’s sister) 29th birthday together since we had all the sibs together. A requested a vanilla princess cake, so I made the cake the night before and Jessica requested that they decorate it together, so A mixed the different colors of icing and Jessica put it on, and they decorated it princess style. I couldn’t find a cinderella (Arwyn’s favorite princess) cake topper so I found a small rubber one in the toy section at Walmart. It worked well. Uncle Joel made yummy hamburgers and we had watermelon and salad. It was fun celebrating together, and this marked the beginning of birthday celebrations. Sunday of course was Daddy’s day, but Monday A got to share a hot fudge sunday that The Red Robin staff brought to her after singing happy birthday. We were having dinner with some friends and they snuck in that she was having a birthday tommorrow. Tuesday was actually her birthday and we started the day sleeping in! (much to Daddy and mommy’s delight) and then made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Daddy found some free movies here in Sant Ana and A chose American Girl: Kit Kitridge over Horton and Charlottes Web (which are actually two of there favorite movies). They made it through the whole movie (“they” is the key word). Then A wanted to go to Chili’s. We let her pick whatever she wanted for lunch and she picked a blue freeze drink, and she nibbled on some of our things too. The Chili’s staff came and sang happy birthday as well, and she buried her head in my shoulder at first, then braved and relished it with sheepish delight. They gave her a HUGE brownie mountian, that she gladly shared with us. Then we drove home while the sugar crashes took place. We spent the afternoon swimming and recieving birthday phone calls from grandparents and aunt Jessica, having so much fun that we didn’t document it with the camera. We did get one clip of them swimming with our video camera, which I will try to post, or rather get Josiah to post if we can figure it out. They had so much sugar yesterday that I held off on the chocolate cupcakes that A requested till today. I will post some pics of those this evening. The birthday festivities have pretty much come to a close, except the day after we get back in to Sac we are driving to Vallejo to go to Magic Mountain for her birthday gift. What a week!

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2 thoughts on “The beginning of Birthday number 4

  1. >Hey, I just noticed that you're thinking of naming your new baby, Evangeline.I was curious to see what her name means and so I looked it up. Such a beautiful meaning — "Like an angel" & "bearer of good news"I'm sure you already knew the meaning, but I just thought I would comment. Actually, I'm stealing the name now…just kidding, our girl will still be Emma Jean.;)

  2. >Happy beleated Birthday, Arwyn!!!!I can honestly say that she's one of the most beautiful little girls I've seen since I've been alive. I love when you post pics of her, since I'm kind of obsessed with her beauty.

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