Going green?

This is representative of a new “box” I am officially putting myself in. This last year I have slowly gone over to the “green” side. I typically dislike being part of a fad, and actually I began my migration before it started becoming popular to go green, but I am choosing to dive in more at a time when its cool. Oh well! I wanted to start doing cloth diapers with Arwyn, but my mind was changed. But now with Evangeline I am doing them and the above pic is one brand of covers that I am starting with. The link takes you to a site that sells everything you need/want/ or don’t know you want for doing cloth diapers.

My friend Tiffany started “re” talking me into cloth diapers when Malachi was born, and now that I am living with my friend Sarah who also does them as well, I am seeing how easy it really is, unlike the cloth diapering I was brought up in. Other than the main reason of not wasting so much in disposable diapers and how bad they are for the environment, I LOVE that they save so much money. With Arwyn and Malachi in diapers we really felt the dent in our pocketbook every time we ran to the store to buy our $20 box of diapers that would last us a week or so.

So I did a little research to see what was the most affordable way to start us on cloth diapers, along with asking Sarah a million questions and I came up with a start up cost of $100, and that included a few things that weren’t NECESSARY. Once Evangeline is born it will only take two and half months to make up that cost, and then its pure savings! Oh how I love being resourceful!

Why am I going green?
1 I feel like there was a disconnect between my belief that we as humans are wasting the resources God has given us and trashing our earth in the process, and how I am contributing to that in ways in my own life
2 I find great satisfaction in being resourceful and getting the most out of what I have, especially as our budget gets tighter.

What other ways am I going green?

1 using canvas bags at the grocery store- which also saves money on your purchase by the way
2 using natural products- shampoos, soaps, lotions, cleaners that are made from natural products and not loaded with chemicals. Which depending on your choice doesn’t always save money but I do believe it is in some ways saving my body and it might saving money on medical expenses down the road.
3 washing/reusing your Ziploc, juice containers, and plastic containers like cottage cheese etc.- this one seems small and I have to give credit to my mother in law for this idea, but boy does it save money

But as my interest grows I am wanting to hear more ideas about what I can be incorporating into my life. Do you have any?

If we had our own yard I would definitely be putting in a garden and composting just like our fellow roomie’s the Stanton’s. Maybe some day:) So from now On I will share a post of a new green idea that I am trying or wanting to try, in the hopes that I recruit more people to incorporate these things into there lives.


One thought on “Going green?

  1. hey heidi! I haven’t gone over to the clothe diapers yet, but I am noticing the cost of disposable diapers as the months go on 🙂 I just ordered this book of amazon, http://www.anniebbond.com/better-basics-for-the-home/ called, “Better Basics for the Home” and it basically contains recipes to make your own non-toxic, chemical free household cleaners, disinfectants, body care products from lotions, shaving creams to toothpaste, & aftershaves; household craft products like glue, paints, gardening tips, housebuilding supplies like concrete! Its really amazing and all made with simple, basic mineral & earth ingredients.

    I haven’t made any yet because i’m just reading the intro and getting my feet wet with the concepts, but i am planning to attempt to make all our household products & body care products to start out. The author addresses cost too, and it turns out to be 1/10 of the cost over the long-term.

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