Fancy Pantsies

So the big day finally arrived when A slept through the night in her underwear for a week. We went to Target and she picked out some dress up shoes like none other than Fancy Nancy, her favorite book. She only owns one, pictured above, but we have made many a trips to the library to discover the adventures of Fancy Nancy in other books. So this was a big long awaited event!

She picked out her Fancy shoes and every moment that we are in the house she has them on. You know how hard it is to wear heals when you sit on your knees at snack time?(Daniella?)Well, these shoes couldn’t go on the floor! They need to be well guarded and close by, like your wearing them in spirit.

If you look closely they are tucked right next to her feet on the chair. Pictured below is what they carry in the store, various shoes that you find Nancy wearing in the books. Originally when I first came across them, and was inspired to hold them like bait over her head for ditching the diapers at night, they only had the red ones in the upper right hand corner, that lace up your leg. But to my disappointment on this trip they weren’t there, the other three were all options. But in hindsight its probably good that we didn’t take those ones home just yet, I envision myself bending down 10 times a day to wrap them up her leg and tie them, and boy do I hate bending over these days!


One thought on “Fancy Pantsies

  1. >Yes, yes I DO know. Eventually you learn to make it work :-)I hope Charlie is as girlie as Arwyn in a couple of years. Right now she's into Dora, trains, flowers, rocks and bugs. Nowhere in there is she attracted to pink or shiny. I'm sure she's just too young.Congrats on night time training! I know it's not easy and every kid master's the task at different ages.

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