8 months : a photo shoot

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My wonderful friend Marvina said ” let me see your belly!” i pulled up my shirt to show my naked bulge to witch she replied “Oh it’s so beautiful! I hope you have pictures of it!” That began my journey to figure out if I could find someone with some sort of skill to get belly shots of this pregnancy, being the last one, before she made her debut. So that I could cherish them for some time to come. Who did I find? None other than Photographer Josiah James Watters.


3 thoughts on “8 months : a photo shoot

  1. >No way! He's a great photographer. You look so artsy fartsy (in the best possible way) in all of them; he's got a good eye for focal point and all that jazz. My fave is the last one.

  2. >the last one? thebottom one? or the top one? the one in the field thats not black and white is not sepia believe itor not, its natural lighting! ilove the black shirt contrastwith the yellow field! artsy fartsy? that doesnt sound good…

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