A final playdate


Tiff and I have been friends since 6th grade! Crazy to think we have been through weddings and births of babies over the past 17 years. I think she knows me the best and I can be “me” completley, more than any other friend, and whatever “me” is that day is totally fine with her. One way that she has challenged me is how teachable she is. When I was retraining myself to not feel like a complete failure when I would get any kind of criticism, I would think of Tiffany and how well she listened and humbly accepted feedback without it shaking her identity completely. I also look up to her ability to overcome discouragement. When she puts her mind to something, nothing will stop her. Even if she faces alot of obstacles. I give up too easy, but I have turned a new leaf in this area and I think of Tiffany when I need inspiration. But the thing I love most about her is how compassionate and giving she is. She will go extra miles apon miles for her friends and she doesn’t keep score about it. She is an extravagant, unconditional giver. I want to be more like this!

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