Five Guys

We found our IN N OUT here in Lancaster. My first thought was “OH NO! When we asked a local friend if there were any and they said “Whats that?”. But we were intrigued by the name of this place and stopped in to try it and discovered that it was not only an equivalent but dare I say BETTER?

Near the register is a sign that tells you where todays potatoes came from, today was Idaho somewhere. The wall is stacked with bags of potatoes which they make there fries fresh with just like IN N OUT. But these fries are bigger. And the trend here is to eat them with Malt Vinegar on them. Which I had the courage today to try but promptly was reminded of Easter eggs, and to me that is just wrong while eating fries.

The burgers are also bigger and a normal size is actually a double stack. If you want just a single patty you have to order “the little burger”. There menu is limited just like IN N OUT but they have hot dogs too. And included in the cheap price of the burger are ANY toppings that you want from a list of 15. My special burger is the cheeseburger with: grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, ketchup, and mayo.

The kids always get hot dogs which they slice longways and grill.

While you are waiting for your order you can help yourself to a basket of unsalted shelled peanuts. The kids have gotten better each time at cracking them open.By a sign on the door, they ask that you do not bring the peanuts outside the restaurant because of peanut allergies.

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