The Farm Show

A few weekends ago our friends Tim and Keira Erickson invited us to this once a year happening. Everyone that owns something “farm” comes and shows it off here at the The Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA. I have never seen such shiny, fluffy cows. That’s cause they shampoo, blow dry and brush them very often. Despite the COLD, we had fun wandering through the buildings looking at the tractors, animals, and even the yummy food. We shared the BEST milkshake I have ever had and a potato donut…mmmm….so good!

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2 thoughts on “The Farm Show

  1. >Great to see pictures of all of you! I cannot believe how grown up Arwyn and Malachai look! And that Evangeline looks so sweet… I just know that if given the chance she and Breck would make great friends like their older sisters! How fun having snow. I bet the kids love that.

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