Cooking Day 2: Enchiladas

Can you beleive that Kubra and Ekrom have never had enchiladas? Well, actually Marleen, on the far right has only had them once before now but her excuse is that she is Canadian!

We met at our house this time to pass on my mother’s famous recipe for enchiladas. It was because of these enchiladas that I was asked to open my own restaraunt! But I had a little hiccup. When I went to the store to get the Lawry’s seasoning packet to make the sauce with (the key ingredient), they didn’t have it. Not only did they not have it but they looked at me like I came from another planet when asked if they carried it or at least a can of enchilada sauce. One lady said ” try Taco Bell, ” when I asked if they even eat echiladas on the east coast! So I went home and made a sauce from scratch. But of course when I got home I doscovered I was missing all the necessary spices to make it. So I improvised with some taco seasoning and chili seasoning and a little of this and that. It ended up fine, but a little on the spicy side because I had to use a can of enchilada sauce that Mar brought over to mak ethe sauce go farther. It had a kick to it. Side note: it took M three whole meals to finish his enchiladas because he thought they were too spicy. By lunch the next day he was starving and eating everything in the kitchen once he finished his plate.

We went on to have allthe gents join us and celebrated Kubra’s husband
Mohamed, birthday mexican style. We had sugar cane and Sangria (soda), and Erin’s yummy mexican style soup!
Feliz Complianos Mohamed!

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One thought on “Cooking Day 2: Enchiladas

  1. >Heidi – Sara here. 🙂 Send me your address, and I'll mail you packets of the Lawry's seasoning. That's the key ingredient in MY enchiladas too. 🙂 I love that stuff. I'll keep my eye out for your address. This sounds like such a fun idea you have with your friends.

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