Before our trip to London we drove into Philly for the day to get Evangeline’s first passport. We had made an appointment to get it “same day”. But apparently after we went through the security and then waited in line for 30 minutes to get a number and get in line, then waited for about an hour to be called (even though we were on time for our 10:15 appointment, so now it’s after twelve) the woman at the counter said that because my passport expired in 3 months, it was expired. What’s the purpose of an expiration date if that’s not the actual expiration date its in fact three months earlier? She then explained that in order to get Vange’s passport my passport had to be renewed and to do that I needed new photos and my own appointment. But she would sneak us in…So after I ran, with the baby in my arms out the building and into the streets of Philly to find a place to take new passport photos, I came back to a huge security line to enter building (let me tell you this was worse than the airport if you can imagine that), then back to the window that we were building helped at. We were so thankful to God that the lady snuck us in because, I would have had to make another appointment for my passport and come back into Philly, but we had three days till we left and we wouldn’t have enough time to do that.

In between time till we picked up or passports we walked around Philly, had lunch, and played at a park. This is us standing in front of Independence Hall, that is in fact pictured inside of your passport photo book.

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