A: M, why are you doing that?
M: BECAUSE, I’m a man! Thats why.

A: look at that green car Malachi
M: A that is clearly not green.

Talking with Aunt J on the phone:
M: Hi aunt J,
I have skin on my knee,
I’m eating hot dog and, and, this stuff,
we just blew bubbles from my guitar,
sissy is laughing at me,
I can pee like a daddy,
Arwyn has my balloon,
I bit my toenail too short,
bye now.


2 thoughts on “Malachi-ism

  1. >hahahha, Elliott is constantly reminding me of his manly-hood. so cute. and I love the phone convo. I wish my kids talked on the phone. Elliott is scared, and Ada just looks at the picture on the phone.

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