Not Me! Monday

 I have been reading my friendMindy’s “not me monday’s” for awhile now and I just clicked over to the one who started it all, MckMama, to read how they started and hear more things that “weren’t” done. I like the ethos behind it and decided to start my own in full support of diving off any pedastol.

This blog carnival was started by MckMama and you can read what she and others DIDN’T do this last week righthere.

I certainly didn’t bake home made granola bars with A and M after there nap while I am on the “Abs Diet for Women” drooling as we went. And if you were standing in my kitchen you would not have seen me dipping my finger in the bowl before bake time, because yummy granola dough is not on the menu today. So of course I didn’t give half of the granola bars away to my neighbors after being told by my husband that they needed to get out of the house. Not me, I have more self control than you could dream of!

At dinner I didn’t send M to go wash his hands to have him come down 5 minutes later completely NAKED to the dinner table. Not him, he listens all the time!

Just before bedtime I definately didn’t hear my daughter say ” mommy we need to brush our teeth or they will rot!”, ( because I didn’t forget) and I soooo didn’t think , “oh, lets skip it tonight I just want to get you in bed”. Not me, we complete All the Hygenic steps before bed every night that they get in bed ON TIME.


One thought on “Not Me! Monday

  1. >This is great Heidi! So glad you participated and I have to say that Myles usually is the one who has to remind us about the teeth brushing thing. In fact he refuses to get to bed w/out it so when we forget he adamantly reminds us. 🙂

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