My oldest

Today we went on a family walk out in Lancatser city for about a mile. Josiah wore Vange in the backpack, and held M’s hand. A wanted to hold my hand. I made a heart note to soak this in.

Lately parenting has been challenging. With both of them. Lots of disobediance, laughter in the face of discipline, physically fighting (knowing that hitting and pushing etc. is something that is not acceptable) and worst of all lying. So coming across a moment where she is glad to be with me is rare.

I loved holding her hand. I can’t believe she is going to be 5 soon! I just recently trimmed her hair to cut back on our night time screams of brushing out tangles. But in doing so I think I chopped the last of the curls off her head! So sad! Something so simple made her look so grown up.

This evening while Josiah was gone I spent about 3 hours just looking through this blog from back when I started it in in 2005! I loved reading the stunts they pulled, the personality that was captured in the pictures and the things they said.This would be my favorite Arwynism. But this is the one that made me laugh the most. I saw pictures (here the title should have been ” a little preview”) of her all dressed up just like she does now, she has just gotten more stuff to put on.

I miss when she was just a little chunk and I could carry her around. Now my cuddling moments are few and far between. That is why I cuddle with Vange every chance I get. Maybe that’s why the baby is the baby. And why everyone can recognize that they are. I will take any cuddling that I can get, usually after nap when she needs to defog from her grump cloud she will climb up in my lap.

Now she gets to do things like, help me change diapers, and cook and go with me to help throw baby showers like below. Sometimes I need a “life” remote so I can pause and rewind and fast forward as I want.


One thought on “My oldest

  1. >They do grow up so fast!… even the babies 😦 Those cuddling moments are the most wonderful feelings of great unconditional love. Just the other day Reese told me that I was her "best friend and Jesus is her best BEST friend". It was a sweet moment and yet I knew that would not always be the case. I still to this day remember holding my mom's hand when I was the girls' age… they won't forget either.

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