The dangerous life of a 3 year old boy

Today was an adventurous day for M. He started it out on an exciting note with Daddy taking him to the Fractured Prune, or as our dear friend Joan calls it “the crippled pickle”. They had special Man bonding time together eating fresh made donuts (M had a blueberry chocolate one made), where he purposely got the kids breakfast cause they serve it on a kids size Frisbee that you can keep. He had gotten one the last time I took him there and this time he chose a purple one to bring home to give to A. But not before he “test drove ” it first. Him and daddy went to the park and practiced throwing Frisbee. Today was the day he finally learned the art of catching it! After catching it about 6 times in a row he declared ” I am getting good huh dad?!”
This evening we were driving over to some Friends house, for which we were bringing dessert. I made Oreo peanut butter balls. I had the batter in a bowl with plastic wrap on the seat next to him. After he had asked about 20 questions of me regarding the contents of the bowl, I specifically said “No you cannot have it until dessert time.” A little while later I was sitting in the back of the suburban with the girls and kept getting wafts of Oreo peanut butter. As I was thinking that maybe the air conditioner was circulating the smell around the car till Josiah looked back and exclaimed ” WHAT are you doing!”. He got out of the car to clean up M’s dessert covered mouth and hands (from which he had eaten 1/4 of the bowl), and to give out consequences, spanks and no dessert (because dessert had been had).

Later at our friends house as the evening was drawing to a close I stepped outside to see how the kids were doing. We had paid our friend to watch them so that we could enjoy our company. As I was taking Vange back, M came from around a corner gagging and exclaiming that he had just eaten something gross. My friend Joan went over to investigate and discovered that he had helped himself to some of this:

Notice the image just above the word “chlorine”. I turned around and asked my other friend, the N.A., what to do. She said give him some milk and call poison control center. So I practically drug him in the house waved Josiah over and did as she said. We discovered that he probably didn’t swallow any but just got it in his mouth. At the worst he will probably not be bale to taste for a little bit. Poison control gave us some things to be on the look out for and wished us well. They even said they would call back within the hour to check upon him. Which they did.

In the car ride home I was commenting to Josiah that when my friend Joan came around the corner and called my name she had ” the look of death ” on her face. A asked me what that meant and I explained what M had done and that we were very lucky he had not swallowed it. She asked what would have happened. I said he could get very sick, even die. She looked very alarmed, ” he is not going to do die is he?”. I said no that he was going to be fine. She said ” we should pray for him.” I said that was a good idea maybe at bed time later. She continued on that she wanted to pray for him while we still had some of our friends in the car (we were carpooling with a couple friends). She proceeded to lead each person to pray before she took her turn. Then she said ” Dear God, thank you for my brother M, please protect him with your hands. Heal him and don’t let him die, In Jesus name Amen.”

Then she looked at me and said ” I would be very sad if I had no brother…”


3 thoughts on “The dangerous life of a 3 year old boy

  1. >Grandma is crying! I am so thankful that Malachi is ok and Arwyn's sweet heart. They are growing up so fast! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

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